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Alongside with our physical gallery, now reopened, we are also presenting online shows on Artsy with new artists and new work added regularly. All work is available to acquire.

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Dekka-arts in Artsy

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‘Seeing Women'

10th May - 21st July


Dekka-arts presents an exhibition of works on a variety of media around depictions of women.

The exhibition provides a showcase of drawing, printing, collage, painting, photography and sculpture. Several artists are represented in the show, each with a very distinctive style, variously contemplative, abstract, lyrical or experimental. Some of the artists in the show are displaying work that reflect their experience of Covid and lockdown.

Artists: Linda Samson,Nahem Shoa, Sofia Kapnissi, Richard Moon, Julia Maddison, Shiroma Ratne, Marcia Bennett Male.































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