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The Art of the Machine 16/11 - 12/12

Can AI be truly creative? Can algorithms and machines write poetry or produce art? Is AI an existential threat, an opportunity for greater innovation and artistic collaboration …. or both? In this show we display the work of some artists who have worked with AI in a collaborative fashion to explore these creative possibilities. 

AARON The pioneer of AI in Art is Harold Cohen (1928 – 2012), a British Artist who moved to California and started working with some of the early AI pioneers in 1968.
AUTONYMO.US Pindar Van Arman has been developing his own artist collaboration with his painting machine, ‘Autonymo.us’, for many years. .  
PATRICK TRESSET Patrick Tresset is a Brussels based artist who develops theatrical installations with robotic agents as actors.
JULIEN MERCIER in his installation 'One minute human' explores how much a machine can learn from one minute speech data.


Poetry event with Henry Maddicot, Clair Meyrick, Ernesto Sarezale and Alex Vellis 26/10/19

Moving performances on the theme of Death



Dolores Calvo
- 5/10/19 - 2/11/19


Shiroma Ratne & Linda Samson - 31/08 - 21/09



Rui Matsunaga, Richard Moon & Mara sculpture
3/08 - 25/08

Dekka-arts gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition with sculpture from Rui Matsunaga, Richard Moon and Mara Sculpture. The show will be open from August 3 to August 25. The exhibition gathers captivating and enigmatic paintings from Rui Matsunaga that draw inspiratin from mythology, Asian folkore and popular culture; elegant Prints by Richard Moon that address nostalgia and longing for ideals of past eras with a tonal sobriety and somber scenes rooted in Becketian ideas of failure. Also in the show a collection of spectacular Zimbabwean Mara sculpture.



Marcia Bennett Male and Lynne Collins 29/06 - 28/07

Lynne Collins and Marcia Bennett Male bring us a delightful collection of work based around food, thus continuing a long tradition in Art. The Art world's engagement in food is still very present in contemporary Art as both artists demonstrate in this joyful celebration through photography and sculpture.

The representation of the familiar in different media and format brings us a fresh look at what seems commonplace. At the same time, each image and each sculpture becomes something distinctive and sublime in its own right.

Lynne Collins is an award-winning phtotographer who is known for her artfully arranged still-lives. Her work is imbued by elegance and poetry.

Marcia Bennet Male is a member of the Royal Society of Scuptors whose chief focus is the depiction of food and all things related.





Stephen Marshall & Dolores Sanchez Calvo 20/05 - 24/06



Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall is a British Artist whose work has been internationally exhibited in numerous solo and group shows.
Much of his work has explored themes people in space, or groups of people moving through abstract spaces barely interacting with one another. His earlier work, as represented here, is more introspective and portrays captivating environments that draw the viewer into an internal psychological dialogue yet portrays external elements of perception.
The title of the piece, 'Disconcern', is a characteristic terminological invention that Marshall often uses in his work. Here he conflates 'disconcert' with 'concern' (or perhaps 'unconcerned') to describe an atmosphere that somehow is strange and yet also familiar. 
In his more recent work he has moved from the more traditional oil on board to working with glass and using a technique of layering to create impressions of activity and movement and layered existences.


Dolores Sanchez Calvo

Dolores’s work explores notions of anomie, ontological crises and the dislocation of the emotional from the physical and intellectual dimensions of selfhood. Her work seeks to challenge the often sanitised and anodyne aesthetic of trauma, grief and mourning.
The depiction of individuals deliberately removed from identifiable contexts seeks to confront the viewer with a series of parsed images; these suggest a narrative that can appear raw and disturbing but open up to different interpretations to different viewers.
Since relocating to the UK, the artist has frequently exhibited internationally and in the UK. In the UK, she featured in the National Portrait Gallery 2007 Photographic Portrait competition and as a winner of the Westminster Arts Photographic Award (2008).