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'Body and Soul'
March 7th – ......

Raul Gabriel is an Italian Argentine artist who lives and works between Milan and London. He exhibits in public and private spaces in Italy and elsewhere and his works are found in numerous collections public and private. His exhibitions also include major installations and the re-thinking of space.  
The works on display feature a series of powerful, expressive, figures both emergent and immersive, encapsulated within a force field of dynamic energy. The figures in the works strive to emerge but remain hidden – a motif that Gabriel uses in much of his work. These powerful and dramatic works convey a passionate challenge to the viewer but remain sheathed in mystery.


Body and Soul 1
Oil on Canvas 1000x1500mm


Body and Soul 2
Oil on Canvas 1000x1500mm






6 Lombard st

Margate CT91EJ



7th -29th March


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