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Alongside with our physical gallery, now reopened, we are also presenting online shows on Artsy with new artists and new work added regularly. All work is available to acquire. Click below to see our current show.

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The Gentle Sound of Thunder 
July 31th – September 20th.....

Nahem Shoa, Jonathan Hunter and sculptor Alice Cunningham

Dekka-Arts presents ‘The Gentle Sound of Thunder’, an exhibition of paintings, figurative and abstract, by artists Nahem Shoa, Jonathan Hunter and Alice Cunningham.

Nahem Shoa and Jonathan Hunter explore the imaginary through veils of lived experience that overlap one another without censorship, limitation of logic or reason. The work brims with beauty, irrationality, earthiness, a heightened awareness of death and a dash of the diabolical.  

Alice Cunningham explores our relationship with the natural world. She has met with numerous scientists studying all aspects of climate change and the work on show here explores the resulting ideas through her sculptures, carving marble and rock formed during the Triassic period 230 million years ago.

The artists explore, through their own personal idiosyncratic visions, interpretations on the theme of Paradise Lost and Found. The work takes us to where the dream world begins to mix with the real, allowing us to see the reality of now; climate change disasters, wars, racism and extremism, in a way that is both moving and haunting. Each artist uses this archetypal narrative, through their varied visual languages, as a vehicle for exploring their inner truths.














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